Author Beverly Pinske

As a young graduate of clothing design school, Beverly not only created custom patterns but also offered color and image consulting as a value added bonus to her clients.  As her creative juices flowed she took up painting, both oil and watercolors, and over the years has sold the majority of her art work.  While viewing these artistic pursuits as hobbies she spent fifteen years as a counselor for a church under the direction of a professional psychiatrist.

Upon retirement from her counseling career, Pinske needed something to keep busy.  She decided to write a suspense novel, mainly because it’s what she enjoys reading most.  During her research of novel writing she found that many authors use the psychological testing tools of Enneagrams and other similar personality tests to flesh out their characters.  Armed with the same character assessment skills that were second nature to her as a counselor, she began writing her first suspense novel.  When suddenly she found herself widowed, and to help overcome her grief, she pushed herself to complete and publish Pawns of DECEPTION, the first in her suspense series that will feature retired NSA protagonist Lisa Wood, and the small town North Carolina sheriff Ben Plater.

Beverly Pinske currently resides in the mountains of North Carolina with her son Perry and across the lane from her daughter Pam and son-in-law Eric.  She continues to enjoy oil and watercolor painting, playing with her dogs, and living the mountain life.


Hunter, Beverly's dog, plays a role in Beverly's spy suspense thriller, Pawns of Deception.  Lisa's dog, Hunter, is the love of her life (for now). He plays a big part in the story of Pawns of Deception. Will he be in her life forever? What does the future hold?